A generation worth of breaths

I say life is lived one breath at a time, one moment leading into another. Are you grateful for the breaths that you have been given? The thing with gratitude is that it is extended to someone else and if there’s no one to be grateful to, there’s no one to honor. However, if you receive them as a gift then you are grateful and appreciative to the one who has given you breath – life. The question for you is; how do you honor God through the breaths He has given you?

This past Wednesday was my 40th birthday which means I’ve lived a generation worth of breaths so what follows are the things I’m grateful for at 40 🙂 I once read that a bullet listed article is like fast food for the brain but I sincerely hope that this blog is like a certain fast food chain that’s in the business of making healthy food fast!

1. Love – thank you Heavenly Father that you created me from love, for love that I may experience an abundance of love in a relationship with you first & foremost and then with your other children.

2. Parents – thank you Heavenly Father for my parents. A father whose life lived before my eyes showed me what it means to be a man. A mother whose teaching I’ve kept close to my heart.

3. Grandparents – thank you Heavenly Father that grandchildren are the splendor of the aged because a big part of my great childhood is due to my grandparents.

4. My good thing called Yolo – because of her presence in my life I have favour from You and our LoveThang is a StrongThang.

5. Falling in love in the summer of ‘99 in Cape Town.

6. My sons – the first sign of my strength for showing me how I can bring You into the details of my daily life as I adapted to being a father for the first time. My 2nd son’s birth for making me realize that I had to grow in You in order to raise them as mighty men of valor! Because of their lives, my parents now enjoy their splendor.

7. The world’s best siblings – the younger (by 6 years) brother I look up to. Thank you for the friendship, recommending the following books; Think and Grow Rich, Simple & Sinister and your lovely wife for a sister in law (BTW my sons bafe fi nguMom’Ncinci – besotted with their aunt). My youngest sister (by 13 years), thank you for the friendship – it’s kept me young and hip, the life changing gifts you get me for birthdays & Christmas and being the coolest Dabs (aunt) to my sons.

8. Friendship – as iron sharpens iron. Thank you for all those I’ve been fortunate enough to call my friends. And to my homie, my ace – thank you for honoring my Heroes 2015 invite because it was at that conference I realized that you and I have a David&Jonathan relationship.

9. My mistakes

10. My Smile

11. Saying hello!

12. Speaking life into other people’s lives

13. Laughing often

14. Hugs and kisses

15. Being vulnerable

16. I’m South African

17. I’ll never walk alone

18. Swinging a kettlebell

19. Sleep

20. Food

21. The firsts that await me in the next year 🙂

What are you grateful for today?


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